Appeal Letter For Promotion

An appeal letter for promotion is a letter written to one’s boss appealing him/ her to promote you. Sometimes when a person feels that a promotion is long due then one can write to their boss appealing for the promotion. But make sure that you don’t accuse him/ her of being bias. Stay objective and tell why you think you deserve a promotion. Make certain you can back up your claims with hard, substantial facts.

The appeal letter for promotion should maintain a formal tone throughout it. The letter should be crisp devoid of any type of nonsense. You have to talk logically and try to appeal to that side of the reader. You should be able to convince them that you are worthy of a promotion. You will have to balance between begging for a promotion and convincing the person that you deserve a promotion. Following is a sample of an Appeal Letter For Promotion.

Appeal Letter For Promotion – Sample

The following is a sample of Appeal Letter For Promotion.


Keith Scott,

Assistant Professor,

House no. 23, D-Block,

BHIMT University.

Date: 4th May 2017


Stuart Tarleton,


House no. 49, E-Block,

BHIMT University.

Subject: Appeal for Promotion

Respected Sir,

This is Keith Scott. I have been working as an assistant professor teaching English to the students of BHIMT University. I have taught for the last 7 years as assistant professor and 2 years before that as an associate professor. I am writing to you to appeal for a promotion.

As per university rules, in order to become a professor, one must be a Ph.D. and must have served at least 5 years in the teaching profession. Now, since I have completed my Ph.D. I am thus eligible for a promotion for professor’s post. My record is pretty straight. I have also given lectures at a lot of universities.

My papers and dissertations have been published in a lot of magazines. I am a guest writer for the Times magazine along with many other regional magazines. During my tenure of 9 years never has a student failed or scored less than seventy-five percent marks. I have attached my marks sheets of my Ph.D. along with photocopies of my papers and dissertations.

I would be highly grateful to you if you could look into it and see if I deserve a promotion or not. I will accept whatever your decision might be. I hope my hard work pays off and get the promotion. I am looking forward to your favorable reply.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Keith Scott

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