Appeal Letter for parking offence, Sample & Format


An Appeal letter for parking offense is usually written by an individual who has been given notice by the parking authority over his offense in a parking situation. The offender writes to appeal against the possible summons or the demerit point consequence that usually incurs in a parking offense. Since it is an appeal letter, therefore, you must use polite language while writing the letter.

The way you place your point must be formal since it is an appeal letter for a parking offense. The offense has already been done therefore the letter must be polite and generous. Your details must be mentioned properly and precisely so as to create a record and use it for future reference. While writing the letter make sure, to be honest else at a later stage it might arouse controversies. Also, seek forgiveness for the offense that has already been done and ends the letter well.

Sample Letter:

This is the sample letter for appeal for parking offense.


Linda J. Hall,

378 Lime Street,
Atlanta, GA 30303

15 February 2011


Atlanta Council,

2903 Bloom Street,

Atlanta, GA 33218

Subject: Appeal against parking offense

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to appeal a given notice from your esteemed office which claimed that I had committed a parking offense at Holly Street on January 30, 2011. I would like to mention that the offense that has been put on me is entirely false. There has been a miscommunication in this case as the offense that has been charged for me is not true. I have written the reasons relating to this below. All the details relating to this parking offense has been attached as a separate file along with this letter.

I would like to bring to your notice that the car involved in this offense was sold two months ago; hence, I am not the current owner of the car ATL93802BY. Attached is a copy of the completed sales transaction for your perusal. I would request you to kindly update your information system with the latest and recent data. Please direct your offense notice to the new owner or the actual culprit of this offense. Also kindly withdraw the offense that has been raised against me in order to avoid nay problem for me in future.

I request you to kindly erase any prejudice against me of this alleged offense; otherwise, I will have difficulty in renewing my driving license later. I would appreciate a response to the update and revert to this issue. I would be very glad if you take an immediate action regarding this matter so as to prevent further complications in this case.

Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Linda Hall

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