Appeal Letter For Donation

An appeal letter for donation is an appeal letter to appeal to the receiver for a donation for a social cause which would help the underprivileged. It is a formal appeal letter so the tone of the letter should be formal. Many NGOs take donations to help them in their efforts to uplift the underprivileged by providing them with education, food and places to live. With the help of donations money required for this is raised.

You can humor or flatter the receiver so that he/ she will provide you with a good enough donation. You should tell them for what purpose you need that money and how beneficial will that be. Tell them in details about the plan so that the receiver knows about how his/ her money will be used. Tell them about how and by when they should donate the money. You can also invite them when the value of the donation will be told.

Appeal Letter For Donation – Sample

The following is a sample of Appeal Letter For Donation.


Max Black,

Marketing Head,

Lend a Hand,

23/1, Broadway Street,

Manhattan, New York.

4th May 2017


Caroline Channing,

221, Baker Street,

Brooklyn, New York.

Subject: Appeal for Donation

Dear Ms. Caroline,

This is Max Black, marketing head of Lend a Hand. We are an NGO who works for the welfare of orphaned children of underdeveloped countries like Nigeria, Syria, etc. we have heard a lot about you and your philanthropic works and your interest in social work. You truly are an example for a million working women out there.

We are planning to open a school in Nigeria for the underdeveloped kids and we would love it if you can contribute to our little project. We have the support of UNICEF and it has helped us choose a place and buy the land. Now, all we need to do is raise enough funds to be able to raise a brick and mortar building.

You have always been a forerunner in any type of social work. We would be honored if you could make a donation. Seeing you do that will inspire a lot of people and we could gather sufficient funds to be able to coonstruct  a school and afford teachers to teach. The amount of collected fund will be declared on 15th May 2017. The event will be held in Vivante Hotel on Times Square.

I hope you won’t disappoint us and make a generous contribution to this noble cause. We won’t ever forget it.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Max Black

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