Appeal Letter for College

Appeal letter for College


An Appeal Letter for College is written by a young individual to his/her parents or financiers to appeal against their advice to skip college. The sender states good reasons in Appeal Letter for College for his interest to enter college as well as continue with his/her education and should write convincingly to change the recipient’s mind regarding college. The sender appeals to the recipient for a reconsideration of their decision.

Requesting the college authorities for considering the payment of the college fee, working part-time as well as limiting expenses on things which are not necessary can be among the reasons that the writer of the Appeal Letter for College can give to persuade his/her parents. The sender can also mention the consequences of not completing the education. The tone of the letter should be very humble and polite and it must be kept in mind that the receiver is in a financial crisis, and hence, facing difficulties in funding the education of the individual concerned.

Appeal Letter for College – Sample

The following is a sample of an Appeal Letter to College


Anna Myers

888 Strand Lane,

Kansas City, MO-64426



Bill and Jane Myers

3920 Point Street,

Hickory Hills, IL-60457

Dear Dad & Mom

Subject: Request to Reconsider Your Decision Regarding My Education

I am writing to request you to reconsider your advice and decision in asking me to discontinue my college studies. As you know, I always wanted to get a degree in  English literature from ABC College only, now that I have been admitted into this college since two years, it would be very disheartening to leave it this way.

I sank into deep dejection to receive your letter asking me to terminate my studies. I am sorry that the financial situation at home is not improving with father being dismissed from work since more than a month now. I am sure he will get another job soon and everything will fall into place. However, I am already half way through my second year and I am really progressing well. I believe I can get a scholarship and take up some part-time job here itself and in this way, I can smoothly carry on with college. I promise to earn my own tuition and living expenses. It will be better for us eventually when I graduate from college.

I know it is hard for you at the moment, but I hope you will consider my appeal to both of you and understand my situation as well. I cannot move forward without your support

With all my love,


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