Apology Love Letters

Love is easy to find and difficult to fall for. Falling in love is as easy as going to school nowadays, but there are times, where you actually, dearly love someone and hurt them by mistake. A loved one never intends to hurt their loved ones but sometimes, things get beyond control. Sometimes they become so worse that you can’t even gather enough strength to face that person. Then, these letters come to your rescue. Writing them is not as difficult as it seems.

See, it may seem like that an apology will cost you millions but, all you need to say is, sorry. An apology letter could be drafted to anyone you have hurt but an apology love letter is written to only those special people in your life. Needless to say, it has to be full of love, passion, and guilt of hurting that person. Explain the reason to them, tell them that, you didn’t wish to hurt them, it all happened when you were not in the right frame of mind.

Apology Love Letters – Sample

The sample Apology Love Letter is given below:


Mathew Christ,

51 Street,  Mallad Road,

Mumbai, India



Agatha Grey,

67 Street, Juhu,

Mumbai, India

Subject: I am sorry, my love

Dear Agatha,

I know, what I did and say that day, has hurt you deeply. The moment I spoke those lines, I knew I had done something that could break off the strong bond we shared. We have been together, by together,  I mean solid like a rock and have waved through all the ups and downs of life. Whatever I said that day was not only mean but also not justifiable in any sense. If someone who had given so much too, said all that to me, I would have never forgiven that person, and still, here I am, with all my heart, asking for forgiveness.

I was very insensitive and very ruthless,  in just a second, I not only disrespected you but also our relationship. All these years, it has been you, who always understood me, cared for me, pampered me and gave me more than 100% without any expectations. All you asked for was a peaceful dinner date on my birthday which I failed to give. It is definitely not your failure, it is my biggest failure. I was at fault when I arrived late and kept you waiting, uninformed and instead of apologizing,  I screamed at you. I take the responsibility of everything I did.

I know, the wound I gave given you through my words would leave a scar behind, but for once, please forgive me. I am filled with so much regret right now that I can’t even face you. I really wish to have ‘us’ back again. I can’t imagine my life without you because you are not only my love but my habit.

I will call you on Thursday at 7:00. Please be home. Until then, I will be hoping and pray we can put this behind us.



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