Apology Love Letter

Apology Love Letter


An Apology love letter is a letter written to a loved one when one does not have the courage to apologize for face to face. It is often difficult to admit someone’s mistake particularly when loved ones know each other, or both parties are too angry to listen.  Writing an apology letter to seek forgiveness is a better option contrary to popular belief as it gives a perspective to the receiver as he/ she reads in a calm mood. It is an informal letter. Make sure you are polite and humble and come across as truly apologizing.

Sometimes unknowingly when you hurt your loved one, you have to apologize and make up. This letter is written to ask forgiveness for one’s actions. Keep your letter to the point and win back the trust of the receiver by saying how truly sorry you are. Mention that you have realized your mistake and the mistake which you committed. Lay down your point of view which led you to do this wrong. Show remorse and that you won’t ever repeat it again.

Apology Love Letter – Sample

The following is a sample letter of Apology Love Letter.


William Wagner,

1229 Queen Street,

Oakland, ME 03253



Faye Dunne,

315 Brimstone Ave,

Morristown, NJ 13360

Subject: Apology over busy work schedule

My Darling Faye,

I would start this letter with forgiveness for not spending quality time with you the last week. there was so much work to do and so it was difficult for you to find time for something else. The business received a huge order for which the boss insisted us to work overtime since it had to be delivered urgently.

I did not have the time to have my lunch a few times last week due to the busy schedule at work. I am so sorry that I sounded so abrupt over the phone when you called and couldn’t revert back to you timely. I didn’t even have the time to send you a message until today. I know that this is wrong and that I shouldn’t have shut you out like this but told you everything as you are very supportive and understanding. This was very selfish of me and I offer you my sincere apologies.

I will call you as soon as I can complete my work. I do miss you and look forward to spending more time with you then. I thank you for your kind understanding and patience on this matter. I will always love you. Take care.

Yours Truly,


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