Apology Letters

An apology letter is written by any person who wants to seek forgiveness from another person. Since it is an apology letter so it is assumed that the letter must be written in a polite language. The letter must not use any kind of harsh language that can change the entire meaning of your letter. Apology letters can be written both in a formal or informal way. If it is at the professional level then it must be written in a formal way since it involves business relations.

In a case of any other kind of apology rather than business relations, it must be written in an informal way. Writing an apology letter in an informal way can be very touching and easily comprehended. The recipient must be addressed properly so that the letter does not sound absurd. Make sure to keep the letter brief and to the point else it might confuse the reader.

Apology Letters – Sample

The following is a sample of Apology Letters.



35A, Block-5,

KJ Street,


4th April 2015.


Mr. Panchal

56D, Block-2,

JC Road,


Subject: Apology Letter

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in order to seek apology for the misconduct or bad behavior that I had presented yesterday. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience that you had to undertake. My bad behavior has also brought a bad name to the company. The number of clients would also get affected due to this and in turn, it would also affect the profit margin.

Since it is a private company and I know the main motive of it is to make profits, therefore, it becomes extremely important for us to maintain decent relations with the clients. Yesterday I was not in a good mood and that is what has affected me so much. Due to this, I behaved very badly with the clients. I request you to kindly send me all the details of the clients so that I can apologize to them personally. This would make a greater impact on them and would also help retain better business relations with our organization.

What I did yesterday was wrong and absolutely unethical on the business front. I regret for all the misconduct exhibited yesterday. I know I cannot undo anything for what I did yesterday but I would like to make a try and approach all the clients and seek forgiveness personally. My unethical behavior has really brought a bad name to the company within a short span of time and I know it is really difficult for me to make things better.

Therefore I request you to kindly forgive me for what all I did yesterday. I will make sure that I would not repeat this in future and take the company to greater heights.


Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


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