Apology Letters For Stealing

Sometimes we loose control over our sense of distinguishing between right or wrong and just go with our instincts which might not lead us to the right path. Stealing, robbing or being a thief is, of course, a crime, no matter what you steal. If you steal a pen, that is also morally incorrect. The point here is not stealing, the point is the purpose of doing that. If you do something that you can justifiably explain, you can ask for forgiveness too.

An apology letter for stealing is written to express your regret over stealing someone’s belongings, money or anything for that matter. You might think why would somebody forgive you for stealing their belongings, but sometimes the person who has done this has a reason to justify and prove that he didn’t do anything on purpose. This apology letter should, of course, be written in a polite manner explaining the situation that you might have gone through before taking such a drastic step. Your guilt should be visible through your words.

Apology Letters For Stealing – Sample

The following is a sample letter for Apology Letters For Stealing.


Agatha Mayo,

Flat no. 251 Agni Apartments,

Jail Road, Bangalore,

Karnataka, India



Shweta Salvatore,

12/551, Main Road,

Kassanvahalli, Bangalore,

Karnataka, India

Subject:  Apology letter for stealing

Dear Shweta,

I am writing you this letter to apologize for my wrong doings as I know, that I did cause you a lot of inconveniences. I know stealing is a crime and taking anything without someone’s permission is stealing. I know my act is not worth forgiving but trust me, I didn’t intend to steal. I was searching for you that day before picking up that Rs.2000/- note, I know, I should have waited for you to come back before I did what I shouldn’t have. I should have taken your consent and then taken the money.

I have seen friendships destroy over money. I never wanted to bring money in between us but that day, I was really compelled to choose between ethics and my mother’s health that day. Yes, I stole money to buy my mother’s medicine as that day, I had no money in my wallet and I had to urgently rush home with medicines. I left a note at your table stating that I took money from your drawer which I guess, you might have missed reading.

Please accept my apology for this act. I know it’s difficult but please forgive me. I once again apologize for my shameful act.

Thanking You

Yours truly,


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