Apology Letter, Sample & Format

Apology LetterThis sample apology letter is written by the sender to express his apologies for being unable to attend an invited function due to other commitments. It is a formal letter to decline an invitation courteously so that the business collaboration will not be negatively impacted. Alternative suggestions are made to ease the brunt of the apology.

William Holmes


Major Productions

2029 Victoria Avenue
Oakland, ME 01263

June 14, 2010

Harry Dennison


Colossal Industry Enterprise

29 Florence Street
Nebraska City, IA 61210

Dear Mr. Dennison

Re: Apologies for Declining Invitation

Thank you so much for your kind invitation to your esteemed company’s 49th-anniversary dinner and dance on August 20, 2010. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your company’s upcoming celebration. However, allow me to decline this invitation for I have a prior board meeting schedule which requires my presence to present the company’s vision for the next financial year. Hence, it is a highly crucial meeting that I cannot avoid.

Please accept my sincere apologies. If circumstances have been otherwise, it would be my honor to be present at your company’s prestigious event. I shall look forward to another occasion to foster a closer collaboration between our two companies personally.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Respectfully yours,

William Holmes

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