Apology Letter

An apology letter is a letter written to someone to apologize for one’s actions or words. The letter will depend on to whom the letter is being written to. Accordingly, it can be either formal or informal.  Sometimes a written apology is better than a face to face apology. It can provide perspective to the receiver since he or she is no longer angry. It is very brave to accept one’s mistake and to apologize is even braver.

Everybody makes mistake and is best to apologize for them if they have unintentionally caused harm to anyone. It should be a polite and humble letter. You should sound genuine in your apology. Tell the receiver that you realize your mistake and explain where you erred. Check the letter for any type of grammatical or factual errors. Do not drag the letter for long but be a man of few words and convey what you want eloquently.

Apology Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of an Apology Letter.


Tyler Lockwood,

President of Student Club, Tree Hill High School.

Tree Hill High School.

23/6, Pivet Drive,

Tree Hill, South Carolina.



Mr. Daniel Whitey,

The Principal, Tree Hill High School.

Tree Hill High School,

76/1, Baker Street,

Tree Hill, South Carolina.

Subject: Apologies for disrupting school property

Respected Sir,

I, Tyler Lockwood of grade 11 of Tree Hill High School, would like to apologize to you for disrupting the school property while preparing for the upcoming Home Coming Dance. As the theme of this year’s homecoming dance was decided to be “Old is the New Black” we decided to reuse the old decorative items from previous years and use it for this year’s decorations.

But some students took that a bit far and started disrupting the school property in their over-zeal. It was a shame to see these students behaving in such an uncivilized manner and my absence made it worse. Being the President of the student’s club, it is my duty to see that students behave during such type of activities and I failed you as well the school. I failed in my duty.

I am very sorry for the disruption caused by the students. I will make sure that this type of activity isn’t repeated again. We would accept any punishment laid down by you for this behavior. I hope you will understand that we are truly remorseful and regretful. I hope you will accept our apology. We shall be highly grateful to you.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Tyler Lockwood


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