Apology Letter To Husband

An apology letter is written to seek forgiveness from someone. In this case, we are writing an apology letter to seek an apology from husbands. There can be a number of reasons why you want an apology from your husband. The biggest reason is having a fight with your husband and being your fault you need to seek forgiveness. The apology letter to husband must be written in a sweet and loving tone.

This letter does not require to be formal in nature since you are writing the letter on a personal level. In the letter clearly, mention the reason why you had a fight, all the circumstances must be placed before him in order to avoid any future confusion. Also, make sure that the letter is polite in nature without aggravating the argument to a high level. Below is a sample apology letter to a husband.

Apology Letter To Husband – Sample

The following is a sample of an Apology Letter To Husband.


Rosy D’Souza,

35A, Block-5,

JK Street,


5th May 2016.


Jack D’Souza

62D, Block-3,

MG Road, Mumbai.

Subject: Apology letter to husband

Dear Love,

I am really sorry for what happened last night. I was in a bad mood and because of that I reacted to it and we had an argument. I request you to kindly forgive me on that part and move forward. I know it should not have happened but after the argument, I realized that I was completely wrong.

Actually, I had a fight with my subordinate that day and I was completely disturbed and due to this reason I reacted to your decision and we had a fight. Later on, I realized that it was entirely my fault and I had shouted on you just uselessly. I know I do not deserve a sorry but please give me a last chance. You already know that fights between husband wives are very common. And these fights help in increasing the bond between the two.

Therefore I am writing this letter to seek an apology from you. I have also attached a small sorry card and a gift along with this letter. I request you to kindly open that gift and accept my sorry. I am really sorry for what happened yesterday. I am feeling so guilty that I did not even sleep properly yesterday night. I was also not able to have my breakfast today morning. Unless you forgive me I am not going to stop poking you.

I am really really sorry for this. Please forgive me.

Lots of Love,

Your loving wife,


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