Apology Letter to Girlfriend

Apology Letter to Girlfriend


An apology Letter to Girlfriend is an expression of regret for doing something wrong or hurtful.  It is an act of saying sorry either verbally or in written form for something wrong done by you. It is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something wrong that has caused problems or is the reason for their unhappiness. Committing mistakes is part of life, but some people find it difficult to admit their mistakes and to apologize for the same. Some people find it difficult to apologize in person, at that point of time writing an apology letter may help you out.

An Apology letter to the girlfriend is written by the boyfriend who may have hurt his girlfriend in some ways, like a misunderstanding, miscommunication, a wronged or unfavorable action, it is written to apologize for the wrong done by him and for the hurt inflicted on the girlfriend. The girlfriend would forgive the boy with the letter if written in sincerity.

Apology Letter to Girlfriend – Sample

The following is sample letter for Apology Letter to Girlfriend.


John Foster,

993 Princess Street,
Oakland, ME 39033



Karen Williams,

110 Grandeur Avenue,
Oakland, NJ 14889

Subject: I apologize.

Dear Love Karen,

Please forgive me. I am so sorry over my senseless act yesterday. I did not mean to raise my voice at you last night; I was troubled about my coming final exams which I am ill-prepared for. My parents were already at me about that the whole day after seeing my poor results last month.

When you enquired about my studies with good intentions, I jumped to the wrong conclusion too fast and became defensive. It was totally wrong of me. I am so sorry. I should not have been so overwhelmed by my emotions. I know that you meant well with your inquiry. I should not have snapped at you, for that matter.

Please forgive me, dear. I promise I won’t let my temper get the better off me with you ever again. I’m extremely sorry for hurting your feelings and trusts. I know I’m very lucky to have a partner like you in life who is so understanding and caring. I do understand that one can’t get into the past and erase bad memories but believe me my intentions were never to break you down. after the exam let’s visit the nearest NGO and do some charity work, which you love the most.

I respect you and your feelings and I love you. I do mean it.

Only yours,


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