Apology Letter To Girlfriend

Falling in love is as easy as finding new clothes nowadays, but there are times, where you actually, dearly love someone and this time, this someone is your girlfriend and you have hurt them by mistake. A boy who loves his girl never intends to hurt her but sometimes, things get beyond control. Sometimes, either you take out your frustration on her or you blame them because of your insecurities. Playing blame game is very easy but realizing your mistake isn’t. Sometimes situations become so worse that you can’t even gather enough strength to face that person. Then, these apology letters come to your rescue. There is no key to writing these letter perfectly, it is just your guilt, your way of apologizing that came come to your rescue.

See, it may seem like that an apology will cost you your self-respect but, all you need to say is, sorry. Ego has no place in this letter. An apology letter to a girlfriend is written to only that special someone who you are willing to sacrifice your ego for. Needless to say, it has to be full of love, passion, and guilt of hurting that person. Explain the reason to them, tell them that, you didn’t wish to hurt them, it all happened when you were not in the right frame of mind.

Apology Letter To Girlfriend – Sample

The following is a sample letter for anĀ  Apology Letters To Girlfriend.


Akshat Agarwal,

19 Pvt, Akashnagar Society,

Indore, India

15 September 2016


Akanksha Singh,

Gokuldham Society,

Chennai, India

Subject: I am sorry, my love

Dear Akki,

That day has almost turned into a nightmare, every time I recall what I did, I feel disgusted with my own behavior. How could I take the most important lady in my wife, for granted? I always knew that I loved you but these days, without your phone calls and texts make me feel vacant. A part of me misses you, I feel that I am incomplete.

Whatever I did that day was highly insensitive and unjustifiable. I can’t find a reason to give you. I almost can’t face you as I can imagine the tears, the hurt I gave you. You have been my life, my reason of sustenance in this lonely world, you are my source of happiness and I don’t want to loose you because of my silly mistakes. If someone who had given so much too, said all that to me, I would have never forgiven that person, and still, here I am, with all my heart, asking for forgiveness.

You never asked for anything but my love and I failed as a lover in providing you with my love.It is definitely not your failure, it is my biggest failure. I was at fault when I arrived late and kept you waiting, I was at fault when I always cut your calls saying that I was busy, I was at fault when I went for meetings keeping you uninformed and instead of apologizing, I was at fault every time I screamed at you. I take the responsibility of everything I did.

I am once again, apologizing from the bottom of my heart. Please, give our relationship, one more chance.



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