Apology Letter To Employee

An apology letter to an employee is written when you want to seek forgiveness from the employee in cases of any misconduct that has been done. When you are sorry for your deed and action then this kind of letter is sent to the employee. It can either be sent by the subordinate, peers or boss, depending on the situation. Since it is an apology letter to an employee so it must be formal because it involves the professional world.

The letter must be written in a formal and polite language since you are seeking an apology from someone. Make certain that the letter does not sound rude else it might create a controversy. There can be many reasons due to which you need to seek an apology from an employee. If any organization has to work smoothly then it solely depends on the company members who are running it. In order to avoid any other kind of further, argument it is important that you seek an apology from the employee before the situation turns worse. Below is a sample of the letter.

Apology Letter To Employee – Sample

The following is a sample of Apology Letter To Employee.



35D, Block-A,

SK Street,


25th May 2016.


Mr. Panchal,

32S, Block-C,

MG Road,


Subject: Apology letter to employee

Dear Mr. Panchal,

I am writing this letter in order to seek an apology from you for all the misconduct that I had exhibited yesterday. I realized it quite late that I should not have talked to you in such a manner. I being your subordinate, it is my duty to give you respect. Yesterday I was not in a good mood and because of this I spoke to you in such a rude manner. I am extremely sorry for what I did yesterday.

I know I should not have done that but however, I couldn’t have control over me and blurted out all those nonsense. Now I find myself guilty for what I did and asking sorry for that is quite shameful on my part. I could not even sleep yesterday properly because what I did. I request you to kindly forgive me for what I did. Also, I promise to never exhibit any kind of behavior in future. I know you might have got hurt from what I spoke but it was absolutely not intentional. Whatever I spoke was out of anger and later on, I realized that I should not have spoken such words.

It was entirely my fault that without knowing what the other person would have felt I just blurted out what I wanted. You already know that I am a bit short tempered and due to this fault of mine I was entirely responsible for yesterday’s action. I had also raised my hand on you but I am thankful to Ramesh who stopped me at that point. I am extremely guilty for what I did. But still, I would like to seek an apology from you and promise you that this will never ever happen again in the future.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely,


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