Apology Letter to Boyfriend

Apology Letter to Boyfriend

An Apology Letter to Boyfriend is written by a girlfriend to make up for the misunderstanding or a fight. To patch up, this letter will play a very important role. Mistakes, whether intentional or unintentional, often occur in any relationship; however, apologizing for these mistakes will not only clear the misunderstandings between people involved, the relations would become even more stronger. Likewise, in a relationship, a mistake committed by one of the partners might spoil the relationship and make it even more difficult to handle. But apologizing for the same would enhance the relationship considerably, thereby, bringing the two partners even more close.

Apology Letter to Boyfriend must be divided into three sections- of introduction, the main body and the closing paragraph. The introductory paragraph should include the most sincere and humble apologies for the mistake committed. The main body of the letter should be fabricated with the reason for committing the mistake. The words used in the letter should be humble and apologetic with a plausible reason to the error. The letter should be concluded with the promise to not commit the same mistake again in future.

Apology Letter to Boyfriend – Sample

Joy Foster
2329-Kings Street,
Oakland, ME-03253

January 20, 2011

William Lambert
335-Grand Street,
Morristown, NJ-14660

Subject: My Humble Apologies

Dear William,

I am very apologetic about the misunderstanding that has happened between the two of us recently. I had meant to call you to explain in detail but work has caught up with me again. I am feeling awful at the moment and I am very sorry for hurting you.

It is true that we had promised to spend the last weekend together but I was called back to work. In the midst of my work-load, I forgot to inform you that I would not be able to meet you. I could not respond to the missed calls on my cell phone because I was away from my desk, attending the meetings the whole day. When I reached home, my cell phone’s battery was out and I was dead tired after that long day of work. I am so sorry to have kept you waiting and for causing you to worry about me. The deadline at work was urgent to meet the tender which my company had been working on.

I really want to make up for my mistake. I promise you that this will never happen again. Please confirm your availability for the coming weekend so I can plan something special for you. My cell phone is spoiled as I had dropped it yesterday. Do call me at work or get in touch with me as soon as possible.


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