Apology Letter To Boss

An apology letter to the boss is a letter written by an employee to his/ her boss, apologizing for any type of mistake made by the employee. It is a formal letter. A written letter is sometimes better to apologize than having a face to face confrontation and then apologizing. It is usually written when a person has committed an error at his workplace and has to apologize for the same to his boss.

Due to carelessness sometimes, one can make an error which is detrimental to one’s work. In the case of such a scenario, it is best to apologize to the person you have offended. Keep the letter short and simple and to the point. Make sure that you come across as genuine and show remorse for the mistake you have committed. You should know where you went wrong and acknowledge that fact. Check the letter for any type of errors.

Apology Letter To Boss – Sample

The following is a sample of an Apology Letter To Boss.


Ben Kingsley,

Sales Manager,

Xenium Biocorp,

56/1, Dream Towers,

Times Square, New York

4th May 2017


Mr. Guisseppe Salvatore,

Sales Head,

Xenium Biocorp,

56/1, Dream Towers,

Times Square, New York

Subject: Apologies for delay in submission of report

Respected Sir,

I would like, to begin with apologizing for submitting the report late by almost seven days. I am very sorry for the delay I caused in the subsequent work of yours. But allow me to tell you the reason for the delay. My younger daughter fell off the swing and suffered a fractured wrist. It was a minor hairline fracture and since my wife and my elder daughter were out of town I had to look after she and I couldn’t complete the work on time.

It was also sloppy of me that I hadn’t started the work in advance and careless and irresponsible of me to not to inform you of my predicament. If I had done so somebody else could have completed the reports on time. I had panicked and I couldn’t think straight and my whole attention was on my daughter. If I informed you, I am sure you would have supported me but I didn’t give that choice.

I am extremely sorry and shameful for my behavior. I will make sure that this type of situation doesn’t repeat itself in the future. In the case of any type of problem, I will always inform you. I hope you will forgive me.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Kingsley

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