Apology Letter for the Loss Of Order


In the field of business and business communication, the willingness to acknowledge your mistake(s) and apologize for them is a much-desired quality. It is only natural that mistakes happen during business transactions. For example, when something has gone wrong with an order from your client, that is, it got lost or misplaced, you must apologize to them for the same, and this is where the apology letter for the loss of order comes in handy.

An apology letter for the loss of order apologizes to the client for the misplacement of their order and explains to them the reason as to why such a thing has come to pass. Justify yourself aptly, but do not overdo it.  Assure the client that you would ensure that such a thing would not happen again. End the letter by once again apologizing to them. Such a letter surely helps your professional relationships and create goodwill among your clients. The sample apology letter mentioned below will help you write an effective one.

Apology Letter for the Loss Of Order – Sample

The following is a sample of an Apology Letter for the Loss Of Order.


Arya Stark

Winfell Inc.,

East Wood Park,

New York.



Jon Snow,

Spectre Inc.,

North Wood Park,

New York.

Subject: Apology for the loss of order

Dear Mr. Snow,

I, Arya Stark of Winfell Inc., am writing this letter to you concerning your order with reference code  WI769. The order was placed on DD/MM/YYYY. The order was approved and shipped on DD/MM/YYYY. However, the product was damaged due to some unforeseen circumstances. We regret to inform you of the loss of your order and apologize to you for the inconvenience caused.

We have taken up the issue with the sales department to make sure that such an event does not happen again. Another replacement or new product could be shipped to you on DD/MM/YYYY or before. If that is not satisfactory, we offer you a full refund of the amount paid as well as a discount of 30% on your next order. Kindly contact us and let us know what your plan of action is.

Our company thrives primarily on our customer satisfaction. You are our esteemed client, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. We sincerely apologize to you for what has happened and promise you that the issue will be solved as soon as possible. Please forgive us for the same and give us a second chance.

We request you to kindly consider our apology as well as our offer. Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Yours Sincerely,

Arya Stark,

Winfell Inc.

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