Apology Letter for stealing, Sample & Format

Apology Letter for stealing

An Apology letter for stealing can be written by an individual who is remorseful over his bad act of stealing. It could be a child writing to his peers or family for stealing something not his, or an employee who was caught by the management for stealing company property and now writes to apologize for the unethical behavior, seeking a second chance.


James Madison Jr.

8 years old

92 Sherman Avenue
Denver, CO 37432

February 12, 2011


Daddy and Mommy

Dearest Daddy and Mommy

Re: I am sorry

I know now that I have done something bad. Now in my room, I am able to understand why you are so angry with me. Please forgive me for my bad behavior. I should not have taken Peter’s transformer Bumblebee without his permission. It was stealing.

But it was such a nice toy. I just wanted to borrow it for a couple of days. I know now that I should have asked his permission first. I am sorry. I shall not steal again. I hope Peter will still be my friend. I will write him a letter to say I am sorry for taking his new toy.

I love you, Daddy and Mommy. Please don’t scold me anymore. I have learnt my lesson.


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