Apology Letter for Mistake In Order


In this fast paced world, there still exists scope for mistakes. Especially when it comes to transactions where a product or a service is delivered in exchange for a specified token, there often is a possibility of a mistake being committed. This shows bad image of the company or the individual who is providing the consumer with the item or service.

However, this can very easily be countered by writing an apology letter to the person with whom the mistake has been made. The management then becomes responsible for the mistake made, and it is on them to take the onus of this mistake and rectify it as soon as possible. They must assure the consumer of never repeating this error. They can invoke good faith by compensating the grieved in the form of kind or cash. This shows room for improvement on the managements part and also ensures a sense of trust being invoked in the consumer.

Apology Letter for Mistake In Order – Sample

The sample Apology Letter for Mistake In Order is given below:


Mrs. Sharma

House 17

Kuzart Lane

New Delhi-13633



KK Bakery

Hauz Khas

New Delhi-123445

Subject: Apology for misplaced order

Respected Ma’am,

As per our records, you ordered a variety of baked goods from our outlet in Hauz Khas. The order was made at 11 am on DD/MM/YYYY. The items ordered were-

  1. Chocolate Cake
  2. Red Velvet Brownies
  3. 12 cupcakes
  4. Brown Bread
  5. Sour Lollipops
  6. Souffle

The addressed mentioned for this delivery was as follows-

House 17

Kuzart Lane

New Delhi-13633

However, Mr. Anil our employee responsible for this order confused it with another customer, and instead, you got delivered only a loaf of white bread. Ma’am, we would like to sincerely apologize for this mistake made from our end. We are extremely apologetic. We have looked into the matter and have also spoken to Mr. Anil.

This morning only we conducted a mock delivery to acquaint our staff about how to take orders. We have taken your suggestion into account, and from now on we will be performing this exercise on a monthly basis. We value your feedback and make it a point to implement it.

We have reimbursed you for the items you had paid for. In addition to that, we would like to invite you to our store for a cup of coffee- on the house!

We hope you can forgive us. We are committed to serving our customers the best and will make it a point to never repeat this mistake- not only with you but with any client.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you

KK Bakers


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