Apology Letter Complaint

Apology Letter Complaint


To err is human! Each and every one of us commit mistakes at some point of time in life. But what is important is that we accept our mistake and do not repeat it again. Even a good company may make mistakes at times. It can be anything such as defective products, bad customer service, etc but if they receive a complaint about it, they should look into the matter and take some action as soon as possible.

An Apology letter complaint is an apology letter that a company writes in response to a complaint received. To maintain good relations with its customers, a company should apologize if the complaint received is the contained truth of the problem. The company should respond with some offer of compensation to appease the dissatisfaction of the customer. Since it is a formal letter it must be short and precise. The tone of the letter must be positive and polite.

Apology Letter Complaint – Sample

The following is a sample of a company apology letter.


Christopher K. Harding,

Customer Service Department,

Double Quality Products,

3132 Wood Drive,
Denver, CO 80202



Kelsey P. Rees,

3713 Rocky Road,
Eddington, PA 19020

Subject: Apology over Default Product

Dear Ms. Rees,


We received your complaint regarding the defective products you received. This is in response to that.

On behalf of Double Quality Products, I would like to apologize for the default product that you have recently purchased. The manufacturer has confirmed that the wiring is not well positioned in the product which causes the appliance to operate slower than normal. We were not aware of it and hence this mishap took place. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We assure you that we will surely take some action and will not let this happen again.

Hence, Double Quality Products would be pleased to offer you a replacement as the fault has been corrected by the manufacturer. But you may opt for a full refund, as per your request in your complaint letter. Please contact our Customer Service during office hours for either option. Do give your details over the phone for either option so that we can provide you with our efficient services and make up for our mistake.

We hope that you will continue to feedback to us on our products for improvement and better service to you.

Once again we regret the incident and request for your cooperation.

Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Christopher K. Harding

Customer Service Department

Double Quality Products

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