Apology Business Letter

Apology Business Letter


An Apology Business letter is written by one business party to another in the event of a bad service extended or an error in the business process. An apology letter in the business environment is crucial in maintaining good relations between the business partners. It must be realized that everyone makes mistakes some time or the other. In the business, losing a client can prove to be very expensive. Thus, if you have committed a mistake, follow up with a business apology letter. Business apology letters should be written in a way that encourages them to forgive the mistake.

The letter should be formally written with a good explanation for the occurrence of a mistake committed so that you convince them to forgive you. The language used must be very polite and humble to show that you respect the business group or party you were associated with. You may end the letter saying that such a mistake won’t be repeated, from your end. Such letters must be written in a formal format and must be very precise.

Apology Business Letter – Sample


Thomas Y. Chavis

Sales Manager

Hollow Enterprise

4806 Brooklyn Street
Lakeview, OR 97630



Virginia Moore

Managing Director

TRP Trading Corporation

3859 Flanigan Oaks Drive
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Dear Ms. Moore

Re: Apology over error in accounts

On behalf of Hollow Enterprise, I would like to extend my deepest and sincere apologies to the wrong set of accounts presented to your company, TRP Trading Corporation, in this month’s invoice.

Please ignore the incorrect invoice that was mistakenly sent to you as the accounts clerk dispatching the invoices is new to the post. Thank you for bringing the error to our attention at this early stage so that we were able to take a corrective action without much harm being caused. The correct invoice for this month is being processed and double checked before mailing out to you.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused and the unnecessary concern caused by the wrong invoice.

We will do our best to avoid a repeat of such an error in the future. Thank you for your kind understanding on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Y. Chavis

Sales Manager

Hollow Enterprise

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