Apartment Lease Termination Letter

Apartment Lease Termination Letter

Introduction :

A lease contract is a contract which states the terms of lease explicitly. The number of years for which the lease is given, clauses for rescinding the lease agreement by either of the lessee or the lessor, the monthly rent, the date it is to be paid, the fixed deposit, mode of payment, etc. It also mentions the clauses for cancelling the lease contract due to the breach of any of the terms stated in the lease agreement and the consequences of the breach mentioned above on either one of the parties to contract or both the lessee and the lessor. A letter on the breach of the contract has to be presented by the aggrieved party, the party which has breached the contract.

This letter also serves as a legal reminder or legal notice and is acceptable by the court of law. An apartment lease termination letter is written by the lessor to the lessee. The tone of the letter is formal. The lessee should be given ample opportunity to present their case to the landlord before eviction. An Apartment Lease Termination letter is presented to the tenant by the landlord to inform him of the termination of the apartment lease. The reason for the termination could or not be given depending on the owner. If the lease is not up, compensation to the tenant may be necessary according to the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

Apartment Lease Termination Letter – Sample

The following letter is a sample of an Apartment Lease Termination Letter.



Mary K Castle

Real Estate Agent

363P Haggerty Road
Metairie, LA 70001



Jean Miller

Apartment B3-49

293 Victoria Court
Houlton, ME 04730


Ms. Miller,

RE: Apartment Lease Termination

This letter is written to inform you that your apartment lease is now being terminated as you have failed to settle your rental for two months.

According to the leasing agreement, you are to submit your rental by the 1st of the month, and you have lapsed in your payment for the months of MM/YYYY and MM/YYYY. Henceforth, your three months deposit is used to cover your last two months’ rental with the 3rd-month deposit to offset any outstanding utility bills and damages to the apartment, according to the leasing agreement.

You will need to vacate the apartment by DD/MM/YYYY, at 5 pm, failing which the apartment shall be sealed. If you require further clarifications, you are welcome to inquire at my office during work hours.

Respectfully yours,

Mary K Castle

Real Estate Agent

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