Annual Leave Request Letter

Annual leave request letter


When an employee wishes to go on leave for a few days, it is expected of them to inform the Management of the company about the same. The leave can be due to any personal reasons of their own and can be taken as part of the employee policy of a company. Each company has a specified time in each year which an employee can partake for leave and still be paid.

An annual leave request letter is a typical letter that an employee gives to the management requesting for leave from work. This letter must mention the specific dates during which you plan to take your leave and might or might not mention the reason for your absenteeism. The letter must be submitted to the Superiors well in advance so that the management has enough time to select and appoint a substitute for the time that you would be absent.

Annual Leave Request Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of an Annual leave request letter


Carlos B. Santos

806 Grove Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102



Human Resource

Central Machinery Corporation

733 Matthew Street
Salem, OR 97888

Subject: Annual Leave Request

Dear Sir,

I am writing to request your approval to take six days off as my annual leave for this year. My days of leave requested are from DD/MM to DD/MM/YYYY (2 days), and DD/MM to DD/MM/YYYY(4 days). In between is the weekend.

I am taking these six days to prepare and to celebrate my ethnic New Year celebration. It is usually very festive and celebrated over seven days with lots of prayer sessions and communal activities. The commencement date of this New Year is on DD/MM/YYYY.

I have already talked to my immediate senior, Mr. Harvey Michelson, about this and he has signed on my leave application as the work load would be less during those six days of February. Also, I have briefed my colleague, Jennifer Stone, about my responsibilities and duties, such that she would be able to handle any situation that comes during my absence. I sincerely hope that my absenteeism would not affect the work, but in case of emergencies I can be contacted on my emergency contact number that I have already provided with the Human Resource Department.

I shall be reporting back to work on DD/MM/YYYY. I hope that my leave request is granted quickly to enable me to make the necessary preparations for this important celebration.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Carlos Santos


Central Machinery Corporation

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