Annual Appeal Letter

An annual appeal letter is typically written by non-profit organizations such as NGO’s or companies working for the benefit of the socially disadvantaged. Once a year they write out to their donors, they appeal to them to look at the existing funds and based on that, accordingly raise funds for the coming year so that the organization can carry out its work.

Such appeal letters require you to write a strong convincing statement so that your donors are convinced that you are using their financial resources judiciously and that the money is actually yielding benefits for the target group. To ensure this, it is advised to mention a lot of facts and figures in your letter and pictures along with it as proof that their money is being put to good use. Mention your plans for the coming year, the new programs and initiatives you wish to introduce and how much money will be needed to carry out the same.

Annual Appeal Letter – Sample

Food Wheels

Sector 14


12th January 2017

The Donors

Phase 2


Subject: Annual Appeal Letter

Respected Sir

Best wishes for the new year to you! Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits.

Food Wheels is happy to renew its contract with your firm for another year. Since it’s inception Food Wheels is known to do exceptionally. Our initiative of collecting extra food from hotels and restaurants to provide to orphans and homeless people has been a success. We started out in Gurgaon and are now expanding our business to the south and central Delhi as well.

Without your initial funding to purchase trucks to carry out the job, our idea would have never been possible. You have our full gratitude. After receiving huge success, we are planning to expand this initiative. We will be needing more trucks to collect food from various designated spots.

So far we have a tie up with 67 restaurants and 12 hotels in Gurgaon. We have 6 trucks in total to collect extra food and deliver it to our 17 targeted orphanages.  We also have 19 restaurants and 7 hotels in Delhi in pipeline who are willing to contribute to our cause. For the same, we will be requiring an additional of 3 trucks to collect and drop off food to the orphanages.

We would like to arrange a meeting with you sometime next week, at your convenience so that we can discuss the details of expanding our project. Your constant support has helped us reach here and we only hope for a long and happy association.

Please find attached a formal proposal for the expansion of our business. We would be grateful if you could review our project and contribute to our cause once again.

Thank you

Vir Singh


Food Wheels


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