Announcement Of Strike


A strike is when a group of people, collectively come forward to oppose against a particular act, instance, policy or an unjust convention. There could be a variety of reasons for organizing a strike. India is known worldwide for organizing peaceful strikes, which eventually led us to attain our freedom from the Britishers.

There exists a number of laws and rules against organizing a strike or protest in public spheres. However as long it is ensured that the strike is conducted peacefully, without any violence or harm against another the strike can have a significant impact. A number of things need to be considered while organizing a strike. The most important being that a large number of people feel strongly about a particular act for which they feel it is necessary to go ahead and conduct a strike for. Information about the strike should also be given well in advance. The Announcement Of Strike sample template below will help you write one.

Announcement Of Strike – Sample


Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg

New Delhi-136353

12th August 2017


Student’s Union

Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg

New Delhi-136353

Subject: Organization of strike

To whom so ever it may concern,

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom” The famous Tryst with destiny speech given by then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru on the eve of independence still resonates 71 years later. But what do this life and freedom mean to the women of our country? When threats against our race still exist, and we are only subjected to violence, societal pressures, and injustice?

In the light of the recent Chandigarh stalking incident, where a female DJ was stalked on her way back from work- late at night. And stalked by whom? The son of Haryana BJP’s Chief feels that just because he belongs to a politically influential family, he has the right to stalk and get away with the harassment the girl had to face because of him. Post the incident, to save boy’s face BJP members are questioning why the girl was out late at night, instead of asking why BJP’s chief brought up a son as disgraceful!

We the students of KNC want to organize a strike to let the government know that we are not backing down. We want justice. We girls want the freedom to roam around late at night, wearing whatever we feel like, drinking whatever we want to, without another questioning our character or moral upbringing. It’s time the world sees us as equals, educates their men better and brings both sexes to a platform of equality.

The strike will be organized from 13th August till whenever necessary. It will be conducted on the football field 11 am onwards.

Thank you

Student’s Union

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