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In layman’s language, an interview can be described as a conversation between two or more people for, keeping in mind that there is a clear objective of conducting this interview. This interview can have a set of predefined questions. One could interview for a job, a position in an organization or simply with the aim of obtaining certain answers for a particular product or a service.

For what so ever reason the interview is being conducted, it becomes the responsibility of the interviewer to inform the interviewee about the same. Which means, the interviewer must tell the interviewee about the purpose with which the interview is being conducted, the time of the interview along with the place told well in advance. There is a multitude of reasons for which an interview can be conducted. Refer to the sample template given below for more information on how to write an Announcement of Interview letter.

Announcement of Interview – Sample



Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg




The Placement Cell

Kamala Nehru College

August Kranti Marg


Subject: Notice of interview

To whom so ever it may concern,

With the start of the fifth semester, all third years are aware that some companies will be coming to recruit children from Hons, Eco Hons, and Journalism hons. Some of these companies include NDTV, The big four- EY, KPMG, Deloitte and PwC, Zomato. To prepare all those interests, we will be conducting a host of interviews.

We understand that this can be a pretty daunting process, to make it easier we have categorized interviews for you all well in advance so that you all can prepare yourself accordingly.

We will firstly be conducting a resume authentication interview on the DD/MM/YYYY. We request you to email us your resumes along with a certificate of proof which claims your participation in all the activities mentioned in your resume. The interview timings will be given to you over email.

Next, we will also be hosting a week long of mock interviews. This will include personal as well as group discussions. We will take you through the possible questions that could be asked and assess you on your speaking skills. We will also inform you in the areas we feel you can improve on.

The dates on which these companies will be coming will be announced soon. Interviews with them will all be lined up for the first week of September.

Please feel free to email us regarding any information you might need.

Thank you

Placement Cell.


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