Announcement Letter


An Announcement letter can be for a variety of purposes which call for either a formal or casual format. A business announcement letter would require a correct format where information is conveyed to the business environment, be it the whole office or industry whereas a personal announcement is usually written casually to familiar cliques for updated news or personal information. The announcement letter can be formal or informal. In most cases, it is a formal letter and is referred to someone relevant to the subject.

The announcement letter will include the details about the reason, terms, and conditions, intention or any notice that you want the public to know. This letter can be written for multiple purpose and needs. Thus, it important that you consider the reason while writing the letter. The below-mentioned letter is an example of announcement letter which can give you an idea on how to write one.

Announcement Letter – Sample


John Logan,


Portland Technology,

Portland, OR 92245





All Staff,

Portland Technology,

Portland, OR 92245


Subject: Welcoming Mr. Henry Curtis to Portland Technology


Dear Everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr. Henry Curtis, the new CEO of Portland Technology, USA as of DD/MM/YYYY. Mr. Curtis comes with over 20 years of IT experience with an extensive list of credentials and industry achievements. He shall be stationed at the company headquarters in Portland on the 12th floor although he shall oversee the welfare of all Portland Technology branches.

For welcoming our new CEO, we have planned a lunch party for everyone which will be held at the cafe on DD/MM/YYYY. In this way, it will be possible for everyone to interact with the new CEO. Please join me in welcoming Mr. Henry Curtis to Portland Technology as he is ready to take Portland Technology to greater heights of success with his effective marketing plans and strategies.

Kindly offer your full cooperation to Mr. Curtis when he comes on board. You can contact him at ********/** which is the extension number, and his email address is

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

John Logan,

Director ,

Portland Technology

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