Anniversary Invitation Letter

An anniversary invitation letter is an invitation letter written to invite a friend, relative or colleague for the anniversary of any important event in one’s life. It is a semi-formal letter.

The anniversary can be of anything like birthday, marriage or of an institution. The letter contains the reason of the anniversary, the date of the event, time of the event and the location of the event. The letter is usually short and to the point.

An anniversary of anything is a moment to celebrate with one’s loved ones. Hence the invitation letter serves it purpose. Check the letter for any type of mistake regarding the date, time or location. One can also insist that the receiver doesn’t bring in any gifts.

If you wish you can also ask an RSVP so that you get a rough idea of people attending and make the arrangements for the party properly and as per your satisfaction.

Anniversary Invitation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of  an Anniversary Invitation Letter.


Damon Salvatore,

23/8, Salvatore Boarding House,

Mystic Falls, Virginia

4th May 2017


Stefan Salvatore,

221, Baker Street,

Mystic Falls, Virginia

Subject: Invitation for Anniversary

Dear Stefan,

How are you? I hope you, Caroline and the kids are doing just fine. By God’s grace, I and my bride are also doing fine. How did the past one-year pass? I seem like only yesterday that I married Elena. Yes, little brother, our one year marriage anniversary is round the corner or paper anniversary if you are going technical. So we are celebrating our anniversary on 15th May 2017.

I can’t even forget the ruckus my and Elena’s marriage created and in what situation we got married. This last year was a pleasant year and I couldn’t be enough thankful to god for it. The party is at Le Meridian Hotel situated on Park Avenue. The timing is six o’clock sharp in the evening. There are games for kids so you and your wife and relax while the kids have their fun.

Our parents, Elena’s parents are coming. Our Bennet, Lockwood, Donavan cousins are also flowing down from all over America. My college friends and school friends are also coming. It will be a night you won’t ever forget. So please grace us with you and your family’s presence at the party.

And in case you even entertain the thought of not coming then remember that I am your elder brother and it is my wish and order that you come with your family.

I will see you soon.

Your Loving Brother,

Damon Salvatore


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