Airline Complaint Letter

Airline Complaint Letter


When one is travelling from one place to another, especially long distances, one may use the airways as it is faster and can be less time-consuming than any other mode of transportation. During such travels via the airways, it may so happen that one is left disappointed and dissatisfied by the services or behavior of the flight attendants or the food provided in the flight or any other reason.It is best to write a formal letter which can also act as a complaint to the concerned authority. This is the appropriate mode of communication as it can be used as a reference in case of legal proceedings.It is also better to write a letter as it allows one to collect their thoughts and present it appropriately.

An airline complaint letter is written by an airline customer who is dissatisfied with the service he/she received from the airline, either ground or flight. The airline complaint letter should contain details of the incident for the airline management to consider appropriate action on the complaint. This letter is apt when the carrier does not provide feedback forms.

Airline Complaint Letter – Sample

The following is a Sample of Airline Complaint Letter.


Rolland M. Barron

2049 Dovetail Drive
Roselle, IL 60172

August 17, 2010


Customer Service

Oriental Airlines

2452 Maple Drive
Alexander City, AL94010

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Complaint against Bad Service

I am a regular patron on Oriental Airlines since 2004; I have to travel between Asia and the States frequently for my business, and I had enjoyed fast and efficient service from Oriental Airlines thus far.

But last week, I was extremely upset over the poor service rendered to my on Oriental. I checked in at your business class counter at 8 pm for my 10 pm flight to Hong Kong at the Los Angeles International Airport on DD/MM/YYYY.

I was shocked to be informed that my reservation had been canceled by the computer system without my consent or telling me before my arrival at the Los Angeles International Airport. No reason or explanation was given, and I was not able to secure another seat even in the economy class due to its full capacity. I booked my seat two weeks prior and yet there was no record of my booking having been made even though I had received a mail for the same and the amount had been deducted from my credit card.

Please check in case there is any glitch in the computer systems because I got the news of the systems update.

I am waiting for your due response on my complaint.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Barron

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