Agreement Letter Between Two Parties

Agreement letter between two parties


An agreement is a legal or a mutual understanding between two or more parties. It may be either formal or informal depending on the parties and their nature.An agreement letter is written to define the work of the receiver and the related terms of the same. The agreement letter between two parties may be in the form of a contract between two companies or just an agreement letter between two individuals.

While writing this type of formal letter one must take a note to keep the letter short and precise (unless the need arises to make it long), with easy and understandable language. One must explain the terms and conditions of the contract or the agreement. The topic of the agreement letter between two parties may vary according to the need and circumstances, but the format remains the same in every letter.

Agreement Letter Between Two Parties – Sample

The following is the sample letter for Agreement Letter Between Two Parties.


Houston Upper Community,

904 Margaret Street,

Houston, TX 77032.

January 5, 2011.


Marilyn Stephens,

3451 Anmoore Road,

Houston, TX 77032.

Subject: – Regarding agreement for the member of Neighbourhood Watch.

Dear Mr. Stephens,

This letter is to congratulate you for showing your interest in the participation in our Houston Upper Community Neighborhood Watch for the year YYYY.

As a President of the Residence Association, I am pleased to welcome you on board. The Neighbourhood Watch is made up of concerned residents over the safety of their community and teams of 4-5 people will be responsible for a watch period throughout the year. Our program of  Neighbourhood Watch will make sure the residents of their safety and care from us, they will feel free to go anywhere as per the assurance of their safety by our side.

Hence, this letter serves to approve your agreement of participation in the Houston Upper Community’s Neighborhood Watch for the year YYYY with the Houston Residence Association as partners. You will be informed of your Watch period and team members shortly. This agreement letter is valid for a year, YYYY.

Please find yourself an agreement document and a yearly magazine of our community attached along with this letter. You are asked to sign the agreement letter and send to us at the soonest. If you have any queries related to this matter, feel free to ping us at +41-7852986 or drop your mail at We will be more than happy assisting you.

We are eagerly waiting for your response to join the team.

Thanking you.


Katherine W. Patterson,

President, Residence Association,

Houston Upper Community, Houston.

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