After Interview Letter

After Interview letter


After Interview letter is usually written to acknowledge your interview. An after interview letter is a good way to impress the interviewer of your good manners and professionalism, as well as to impact the management to consider you favorably for employment. It is a trait of good courtesy that one can show after an interview.

An after interview letter is written as a chance to be known. You reiterate your presence via this letter. You remind your interviewers that you are a capable candidate for that one seating you have worked hard to get. It is a way you tell them that you are hoping to be selected for that place. While conveying your feelings, maintain a balance of emotions, remember you do not want to appear needy or desperate. You want to make an impression long lasting and well of a potential being.¬†Also, if there’s something you forgot to mention during the interview, this gives you a chance to bring it up. Given below is a sample letter that might be of help while writing an after interview letter.

After Interview Letter – Sample

The following is a sample letter of After Interview letter.


Gloria Tyndall,

71 Prince Street,
Portland, OR 93295



Joanna Collins,

Recruitment Manager,

TY Enterprise,

3461 Flint Street,
Palm Springs, CA 57262

Subject: Thank you for Interview

Dear Ms. Collins,

I am writing to thank you for the interview last Thursday for the post of Personal Assistant to the Director. It was a very fruitful conversation as I was updated with a lot of information about the organization. I am excited to hear of the potential developments and abundant opportunities awaiting the right candidate. Besides the enriching experience, I was also so honored to get a chance to be interviewed by such efficient interviewers. At Amnesia Company, I helped the manager get a bunch of loyal client base by consistently providing excellent service.

I believe I can fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the post as I am well qualified, experienced and hardworking. And I think I can contribute more to the future success of TY Enterprise. I hope that you will consider me as the right candidate for the post. I hope to hear from you favorably soon. Thank you for considering me for this exciting opportunity. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you. Please find attached a list of all other recommendations as you had requested.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my application.

Yours sincerely,

Gloria Tyndall

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