Advice Letter

Advice letter


An advice letter can be written by anyone who is in authority in a particular area of expertise, such as the teacher to the student, the parent of the child, the pastor to the congregation or the boss to the subordinate. One can even write an advice letter to a friend with the intention of helping them. Such a letter might tend to appear condescending however it should be avoided at all costs. Advice should be given humbly and politely.

An advice letter contains words of wisdom and encouragement to motivate the reader with possible suggestions of actions for the reader’s consideration. Such a letter hopes to help a person with his problem and come up with a relevant solution. This letter must be written in a caring and sympathetic way. It should have a clear and straight forward language. It should be brief and to the point. Encouraging the other person to think positively and work towards the best is the main motive of writing this letter. Such a letter shows one’s concern for their dear one’s welfare and reflects a caring and affectionate attitude. Use our sample letter below to write your letter.



Alma S. Ortega

952 Woodland Drive
Chicago, IL 60606



Shirley S. Gray

3512 Brown Road
Starkville, MS 39759

Dear Shirley

RE: A Word of Advice

How are you? I hope you are holding up through this challenging time. I understand that you are concerned about being retrenched from your job. It ‘s hard in these trying times when the economy is so uncertain.

But all is not lost, Shirley. Don’t let discouragement cripple your zest. You are a well-qualified accountant and a good one at it. You will soon find another job; perhaps a better one. I would advise you to have a short rest, like a couple of weeks, to get your thoughts and feelings together before you are fresh again to seek a new job.

You can look through the newspapers, Internet or even at community bulletins which advertise a lot of vacancies. Take on part-time or freelance accounting jobs if you can to see how you would like to move on with this new phase of your life.

Don’t give up. You can do it, Shirley. If you need recommendations, please feel free to call on me. I can try to recommend some positions for your consideration.



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