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Advertising plays a crucial role in the market to attract customers. The sole purpose of an advertisement is to convince the buyer to purchase or invest in a certain service or product. Advertisements can be presented in a visual and written form. Advertising visually can help promote the sales, however, advertisements which reach the customers in written form are equally effective. Hence, an Advertising Letter is written to advertise a product or service in written form rather than visual.

To write a fine Advertising Letter certain guidelines should be followed. The content of the letter should not present the information regarding the product or service very factually, rather, the content should be written in an engaging manner. Supplying to the reader the usefulness of the product shall be very helpful in convincing him or her to purchase it. The language of the letter should be kept simple for every customer to understand.

Advertising Letter – Sample

The following is the sample of an Advertising Letter.


Santosh Kumar

Senior Manager,

Saffron Culinary Food Outlet,

B-6/12, P. S. Colony,

Saket District Centre,




Sunita Gupta

E-71/22, Man Singh Colony,

Pandav Nagar,


Subject: All New Mouth-watering Dishes

Dear Mrs. Sunita Gupta,

We are delighted to break the news to you that your favourite food outlet, Saffron Culinary Food Outlet has an all new delicious range of food items for its dear customers. Our love for you all has enabled us to come up with amazing new dishes, and we assure to addict you with it.

Foreign food outlets are booming up extensively in every nook and corner of India. But Indian cuisine will always have its place in the heart of every Indian. A country so diverse, India is filled with so many cultures from different states. It is time to relive those cultures and so we are all set to introduce the traditional Indian dishes. There is nothing more beautiful than the toothsome combination of oats with biryani, kadhi pakoda with kesari lassi and corn kheer with ker and sangri. From Rajasthan and Hyderabad to Madhya Pradesh and Punjab, we have got all the India covered. Our creative chefs have brought all the famous dishes from all the Indian States at just one eating joint. Attached along with this letter is the new menu of our restaurant where you can find the dishes listed.

We request you to come and enjoy a lip-smacking dining experience. You can also enjoy the same experience in the comfort of your home with our free home delivery service, on orders above Rs. 400.

Thanking you for your time.


Santosh Kumar

Senior Manager,

Saffron Culinary Food Outlet

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