Adoption Reference Letter

Adoption Reference letterIntroduction:

An adoption reference letter could be written by any authority that has direct relations or contact with the child to be adopted. It could be written by the orphanage or home that is caring for the child at the moment. The adoption reference letter usually states the child’s character clearly for any potential adopting party to consider adopting the child. Writing a  good reference letter will decide the fate of the children and whether or not they get to go to the right homes.

The letter should be written in a formal and warm tone. Include all the details of the child to be adopted regarding where the child was found, her education, behavior, etc.  This letter is written to ensure that the child gets a caring family and home for herself.  Make sure the letter is concise and without any grammatical or other kinds of errors. Add recommendations from other people too who know the child.

Adoption Reference Letter – Sample


Barbara Sanders

Home Director

Happy Homes Orphanage

4806 Brooklyn Street

Lakeview, OR 97630


Re: Adoption Reference for Mia Holly

Herewith, this letter is an adoption reference for Mia Holly who is a 7-year old resident at Happy Homes Orphanage. Mia Holly came to the Home at age 4 when her parents went missing in the New Orleans 2008 earthquake.

Nobody sought for this little child since she was placed in the Home. But Mia Holly is a caring little girl, acting like a big sister to many younger children in the Home. She is artistically inclined and sings very well. It would be good to place Mia Holly in a home with younger children as she has exhibited a ‘big sister’ character naturally. She would often give up her stuff to pacify a crying younger child. She is alsô a very bright child when it comes to studies and is an active participant in the sports played at the orphanage.

Mia Holly will be a definite blessing to any home that is willing to care for her fairly.

Respectfully yours,

Barbara Sanders

Home Director

Happy Homes Orphanage

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