Adoption Recommendation Letter

Adoption Recommendation letterIntroduction

Adopting a child is a highly sensitive topic and therefore should be treated with care. The entire process of adopting a child includes a lot of formalities. One such formality is the agency receiving a letter of recommendation about the parents that are about to adopt the child.

This recommendation letter is written by someone who is close to the couple. The couple sometimes is given the option of deciding who is to write this recommendation letter. It is a formal letter yet sensitive. It speaks about all the excellent qualities of the parents who are looking to adopt. It should be full of praises yet should be realistic. Adoption is a very serious matter, and hence there should be no lies in the letter. Do speak about how the parents are role models, cite instances of when or how they have displayed qualities of motherhood/ fatherhood to other children. Mention how the couple is extremely trustworthy.

Adoption Recommendation Letter – Sample


Bruce B. Smith


Safe Home Adoption Agency

4850 Lawman Avenue
Mclean, VA 22101

January 28, 2011


Joann & Mark Eggleston

514 Chipmunk Lane
Lewiston, ME 04240

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Eggleston

Re: Adoption Recommendation

On January 15th our agency received a letter from your end about proceedings of adoption processes. I am writing in response to your adoption application for a child aged between 3 and five years old.

You may be aware that ours is a small orphanage and every child here is like our own. Currently, at our orphanage, we have a 4-year old boy, Danny, who is available for adoption. He is an orphan whose parents were killed in a road accident two years ago. Danny is a shy and quiet boy but warms up easily to those who are gentle and kind to him. However, you must be aware that even at the tender age of 4 Danny still has nightmares about the night of the accident. We have consulted a few doctors, and according to them, Danny may develop trust issues while growing up.

However, I believe Danny will be a suitably adopted child for you as he is very adorable and innovative. He barely remembers his parents and seeks love and security, which I believe you can give him. Once he is comfortable in your company, I am sure it is only joy he will bring. For his age, he has displayed some great intellectual skills. He is the only one who remembers the Alphabets!

The agency can arrange an informal meet up between you and Danny if you are agreeable to this child’s bio-data, which is enclosed with this recommendation letter.

Please revert as soon as you can. Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Bruce B. Smith


Safe Home Adoption Agency

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