Admissions Acceptance Letter

Admissions Acceptance letter


An admissions acceptance letter is written by the admissions office of academia to inform the successful student applicant of his/her eligibility to a program. This letter can be written by an organization or institution recruiting or admitting students. The letter is completely formal and depends on the organization writing it. The letter states the program commencement date with a congratulatory message of the student’s success in getting into the program. An admissions acceptance letter usually requires a response.

Mention all important details of acceptance along with the documents necessary for admission. Be concise and exact in your points and the information that you need to get through. An acceptance letter is sent when a person has already been selected for the program, and they receive an offer letter for them to join the program or university. Do not be late in sending an acceptance letter since the individual would always have to give it a thought before accepting a letter so make it a point to send the letter a few days in advance of the last day.

Admissions Acceptance Letter – Sample


John L. Dominguez


Missouri University

369 West Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503



Wendy Hart

74 Hickory Ridge Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Ms. Hart,

RE: Admissions Acceptance

On behalf of Missouri University, I am pleased to inform you of your successful application to enter the Bachelor of Commerce program this fall.

Should you accept this acceptance offer, you reported for school on DD/MM/YYYY. There will be an orientation week from that date to help you familiarize with the university premise, regulations, and expectations. You will obtain your class schedule and reading list during the orientation.

It would be appreciated if you can respond to this admissions acceptance promptly to facilitate our processing of your admission. If you do not respond by DD/MM/YYYY, the University will deem your silence as a decline to this admissions acceptance offer.

Congratulations on your successful acceptance.

From the Office of,

John L. Dominguez


Missouri University

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