Addressing A Formal Letter

While addressing a formal letter, it is important to maintain the same tone of formality throughout. This formal letter could be anything, however, the basic structure of address remains the same regardless of the topic or the content of the letter.

The letter begins with showcasing your gratitude through words. Make sure you follow the structure. The structure flows in a way that it highlights all the important points of the letter. The aim is to thank the person for addressing the topic followed by what addition to contributions that you would like to make to the topic.

The letter under consideration here is replying to a campaign hosted by the Govt of Delhi to fight water-borne diseases that are on the rise during the monsoon season in the capital. The formal address letter here is written by a student who wishes to make her contributions to the cause.

Addressing a Formal Letter –¬†Sample

Delhi Govt

Govt Road-123433

New Delhi



Ashi Kumar

Kamala Nehru College

Delhi University

Subject: Addressal Letter

Respected Sir,

I write this letter in response to your letter published in The Times dated DD/MM/YYYY. Your letter aimed to cover the rise of diseases such as Dengue and Chikungunya in the capital. I would like to start my letter by thanking you for acknowledging such a grave situation that is prevalent in Delhi.

Moving on, your letter was basically a warning to all citizens asking them to be more careful. Sir, I would like to add to your letter by mentioning a few steps we as citizens can take on a personal level.

Firstly and most importantly, we should all ensure that there is no open water source near our houses. This means that water coolers and bird feeders should be kept dry and clean at all points. This also goes for open sewage. Please bring these to the attention of your RWA as soon as possible. Water sources are breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.

Moreover, sir, I would request all open public institutions to pool money and start a pest control drive every alternate day. For instance, I would be grateful if the govt provided all colleges in Delhi funds to buy sufficient amount of mosquito repellant so that it can be sprayed every day till the monsoon season ends.

Lastly, it is important to allow free dengue and chikungunya tests to be conducted at all government hospitals so that people can be informed timely and the required measures can be taken at the earliest.

I once again thank you on behalf of everybody for initiating the process.


Aishi Kumar

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