Acknowledgement Of Resignation Letter

An Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter is written by an employer to an employee who has expressed his or her desire to leave the organization.

A letter such as this is regarded as a formal notice of the acceptance of the employee’s resignation by the employer. There can be several reasons to leave, such as better employment opportunities, change in career, flaws in the current organization or certain personal issues. The tone of the letter must be kept polite irrespective of the reason to leave.

In the Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter, the writer must declare his or her acceptance of the same.

The letter must mention the dates on which the employee shall be given his or her experience certificate and other such necessary documents. The letter should be concluded on a positive note by wishing the employee good wishes for all his or her future endeavours.

Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter – Sample

The following is sample of an Acknowledgement of Resignation Letter.


Peter Fernandez

Business Development Manager,

Kelly Services Australia Pvt. Ltd.,

87 Pennant Hills Road,

North Parramatta, NSW 2155,




Kenan Smith

556 Cleveland Street,

Moore Park, NSW 2121,


Subject: Acceptance of Resignation

Dear Mr. Kenan Smith,

I am writing to inform you that your request for resignation from the post of Customer Sales Representative has been received as well as accepted by the management of Kelly Services Australia Pvt. Ltd. Your last working day in the organization shall be May 26, 2017, as had been requested by you.

Your experience certificate, salary slip as well as your salary shall be transferred to you on May 26, 2017. Kindly return to the management the office property that has been assigned to you under your name on May 26, 2017. Working with you had been delightful and pleasing.

I, on behalf of the entire staff, would like to wish you the success in all your future goals and endeavours. You had always been a valuable addition to the organization. You had been one of our extremely hardworking and honest employees; we believe that your hardwork shall make your career even more prosperous in future. Please feel free to contact for any kind of enquiries which you may have.

The management is thankful to you for your satisfactory contribution to the organization in all these years.


Peter Fernandez

Business Development Manager,

Kelly Services Australia Pvt. Ltd.

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