Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter

In the competitive world of today the outstanding skill of an employee and his/her initiative is required to be recognized and also appreciated, to encourage this attitude among all other employees without any fear or doubt.

This encouraging attitude of management will receive many good proposals for improving quality and quantity of product which are required to be scrutinized carefully, to select and adopt new practicable proposals.

Now, the person who has thought of and introduced this idea is to be appreciated in such a manner that it gives a positive message to others. A letter of appreciation signed by either sr. management officer or M.D. is to be issued to the person in some function of the company, indicating that management appreciates this attitude. Now, in turn, it is the duty of the person appreciated to send an acknowledgement letter to the officer for considering and recognizing him for appreciation and for implementation of his idea. Such a letter is thus used very often at any workplace.

Acknowledgment of Receipt Letter Sample, Email, and Example/Format

The following is a Sample of Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter.


Mr. Johnson Gloria,
B 12, 8th floor Doctor Building,
Nepean Sea Road,
Mumbai 400025.
Date: 30.4.2017
A. J. John,
R & D Officer,
John & Johnson Co. Ltd.
Mumbai 400001.
Subject: Acknowledgement of Receipt Letter.

Dear Sir A J John,

I am thankful for recognizing and supporting my idea and for implementation in our company and also for appreciating me for this purpose. I am writing this letter for thanking you, our management, and the respectable M.D. for having an R & D policy in our organization.

We will continue our efforts in future. This letter is specifically written for acknowledging the appreciation letter received by me.

Yours sincerely,

Johnson Gloria

Assistant Engineer

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