Acknowledgment Letter

The aim of a basic acknowledgment letter is to objectively state that the concerned people have noticed the request made by a certain person or organization.

It is an acceptance letter which pays heed to the fact that the message sent to the organization from someone has been taken into consideration.

This is an extremely formal letter and therefore must maintain a professional tone throughout. Start off by mentioning that the acknowledgement letter is written in response to the request or point raised by the person.

Mention the people involved in the process. Proceed forward by giving a detailed version of the procedures followed post the request has been made.

In case the request is being turned down it is advised to respond with a legit reasoning and the reason why the organization is unable to proceed forward with the request put forth by the individual.

Acknowledgement Letter – Sample

XYZ College

Lajpat Nagar



House no 8

Hudson Lane


Subject: Acknowledgement Letter

Respect Ma’am

This is an acknowledgment letter written in response to your request to migrate to XYZ college, dated 25th May 2017. Your application was forwarded to the dean of admissions, and after much consideration, the college has decided to entertain your request.

You have applied for migration from ABC College to XYZ College and are seeking a seat in our Economics Hons course. We have a total capacity of 50 seats, and so far only 48 have been occupied. Given your credentials and extracurricular activities, we have selected your application out of all the many migration applications the college has received this year.

Out of all our applications, you have the highest GPA of 9.8. Furthermore, your post as the Department Secretary of ABC college assures us that you will contribute holistically to XYZ college. You are not only a strong candidate on the academic front but from your credentials, you seem to be a seasoned debater who could benefit from and contribute a lot to our debating society- XYZ Debates.

We would like to proceed with an interview round before finalizing your seat with the college. We have scheduled an interview with the Principal of our college on the  27th June 2017 at 1:00 pm. Please carry your 12th Class original mark sheet along with a copy of your first-year report card and debating certificate.

Please contact the admin office for questions you have or any more details that you may require for the process of Migration.

We look forward to meeting you.

Thank you

Admin Office

XYZ College

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