Acceptance of Resignation Letter

Acceptance of Resignation LetterIntroduction:

An employee or a member of an organization can write to the management regarding the termination of employment at their will. That is a resignation letter. An Acceptance of Resignation letter is received by the management and responded to by them as well. For the management to acknowledge the resignation on time, it is important for an employee who may have tendered his/her resignation notice letter to write this letter at the earliest. The letter will state the management’s awareness of the resigning employee’s intention and approve his/her decision to resign.

These letters could also include employee feedback, which highlights their strengths and information about their performance delivered throughout the time spent with the company. These letters can also include a copy of the full and final settlement of the employee, a FnF indicates that the employee has gotten their clearance letter, there are no outstanding penalties against them, and the company has given their heads up for the employee to pursue any other job they wish to pursue.

Acceptance of Resignation Letter – Sample


Bart Marlow

Human Resource Manager

Cullen Enterprise

3605 Fairfield Road
Hartford, WI 53027



Patty Jones


Administration Department

Cullen Enterprise


Dear Ms. Jones,

This is to inform you that management has received your resignation letter dated DD/MM/YYYY. This letter serves to acknowledge your intention to resign from the position of Secretary, Administration Department of Cullen Enterprise with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. The management has carefully looked into your employment tenure and evaluated your resignation on the following parameters- Attendance, performance, punctuality, and sales leads. After a thorough review, we have decided to accept your decision to resign from the company.

Please ensure that all your work responsibilities are completed, and any outstanding projects are passed on to your assistant before you leave. We would like to organize a review meeting with you and the department head, Mr. Joshi for the DD/MM/YYYY, to discuss the projects that were headed by you. Following that, HR would like the have an employment termination meet to discuss your tenure with us. Your last day of work is computed to be on DD/MM/YYYY.

As per company policies, we have contacted the accounts department to freeze your salary for the coming month. You will be eligible for this salary 60 days from your date of termination. In the case of any queries, please contact the accounts department. Kindly return all company keys and tags along with your laptop and work phone to the Human Resource Department. Only after the items have been returned will the HR issue you the Full and Final settlement letter.

Your time here has been appreciated. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Bart Marlow

Human Resource Manager

Cullen Enterprise

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