Acceptance Letter for a New Job

Acceptance Letter for a New JobIntroduction:

In the event of a candidate getting selected for a job he or she has applied for, the company replies with an offer letter. An Acceptance letter for a new job is written in response to the job offer being received by the job applicant. The candidate aims to respond with a positive affirmation, that is, he or she states his agreement to the job being offered.

The successful job applicant has to answer to the company of his decision to accept or reject the job offered. It is a good practice to respond quickly to a display of good responsibility and professionalism. This acceptance letter should maintain a tone of formality. It should begin with your gratitude following by your confirmation of the date of joining. In case you can not join on the given date, specify your reason. If you can’t join at all then politely decline the offer and let them know the reason for the same.

Acceptance letter for a new job – Sample


Jack Stills

1339 Platinum Drive
Beaver Falls, PA 15010



Kathryn J. Henderson

Recruitment Manager

Mayflower Tours

1366 Mulberry Lane
West Palm Beach, FL 33404


Re: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Ms. Henderson,

I recently received your offer letter dated DD/MM/YYYY in the mail. I was extremely happy to hear back from a company such as yours and appreciate your prompt decision of extending the job profile of a tour guide to me.

This letter serves to confirm my acceptance of your job offer with your esteemed company, Mayflower Enterprise, commencing DD/MM/YYYY. MayFlower Enterprise is the best in its field and hence was my first option. I am delighted to be part of Mayflower Enterprise as I have had great experiences with your company’s excellent services, which I look forward to emulating.

I also consent to the offered remuneration of $1500 per month with allowances and increments as per the terms and conditions discussed during the interview.

However, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to join from DD/MM/YYYY as stated in my offer letter. I recently fractured my leg due to which I was put on bed rest for a month. My cast comes off on the DD/MM/YYYY. Therefore I would request you to kindly consider my situation and shift my date of joining to DD/MM/YYYY. I would be grateful If you considered my case.

As mentioned as a part of requirements in your offer letter, I will be sending a self-attested copy of my ID proof along with my resignation letter from my previous company. I also intend to submit a copy of the documents required on my first day.
I am looking forward to working with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Stills

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