Accept A Resignation Letter

An accepting a resignation letter is a letter written by one’s boss or human resources head to his/ her employee to tell them that their resignation has been accepted.

It mentions the date from which they can stop working so that they can tie any type of loose ends and get their clearance from the finance department. You can tell them why you chose to accept the resignation letter. It is a formal letter and has to be polite and should have a formal tone.

Sometimes due to some unforeseen circumstances like personal issues or health issues or a change of job one may have to resign from a job. The acceptance of that resignation letter is this letter. Wish the employee all the best and tell them they can come for help whenever they feel like. You can appreciate their contribution to the company.

Accept A Resignation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Accept A Resignation Letter.


Deb Scott,

HR Head,

Pearson Specter Litt,

45/1, Grandeur Towers,

Park Street, New York.

4th May 2017


Karen Roe,


Pearson Specter Litt,

45/1, Grandeur Towers,

Park Street, New York.

Subject: Resignation Letter Accepted

Dear Karen,

I received your resignation letter. It was quite a shock that you wanted to resign from your job knowing that you have been working at Pearson Specter Litt since its inception. But reading your reason I was inclined to accept it and I have accepted your resignation letter. You are discharged from your duties from 10th May 2017.

It will be very painful to know that you won’t be around anymore. But like you said in your letter that your newly born twins need the care and love of their mother. There is nothing wrong with being a homemaker. I am sure you will be a great mother. You can always join us once you feel that your kids don’t need you around anymore and have grown up and become more independent.

We will miss you a lot. Your professional experience was very valuable to the company. You were an indispensable asset to the company. I have forwarded your letter to the accounts department and they will clear your account as soon as possible. You can follow up with them regarding this. I hope one week will give you enough time to tie loose ends.

In case you require any sort of help you are welcome to contact us. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Deb Scott

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