Academic Reference Letter

Academic Reference Letter


An academic reference letter is usually given to accompany a student’s resume in his quest for employment or internship.  After a student gets over with his studies, he may want to join another institute for higher studies or would want to join any company for internship or employment.

An academic reference letter mentions the academic qualifications, talents and brilliance of the student. It is written by the institution where the student had previously studied. The academic reference letter states the school performance of the student and his conduct while at school to warrant a favorable consideration of employment.

It is very important for the student to maintain a healthy and impressive relationship with his authorities at school because any nuisance created in school might reflect in the reference letter which would make it difficult for the student to find employment or admissions on higher levels.

This is a very formal letter and so care should be taken while writing this letter. It should be written in the correct format and no mistakes should be made. No informal terms should be used in the letter and only positive points of the students should be covered.

Academic Reference Sample Letter

The sample letter for Academic Reference Letter is given below:


Peter Keller

Admissions Office

Anglia Brook University, MN 56300



Holden Enterprise

4218 Finwood Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Academic Reference Letter for Mr.  Victor Lang

This letter is written for the primary purpose of confirming Mr. Victor Lang as a 2017 Engineering graduate from Anglia Brook University.

Mr. Lang has been an exemplary student with a GPA of 3.9. He is always on Dean’s list. Enclosed is a copy of his academic transcripts for your perusal and kind consideration for his admission into your esteemed company for employment.

Mr. Lang has taken on more than the minimum required number of subjects for graduation, adding on management courses as well as advanced engineering process skills at his summer semester.

You will be impressed with Mr. Lang’s ability to pick up new knowledge and apply it accurately. We trust that this reference is for your kind consideration on Mr. Victor Lang’s employment with your esteemed company.

Please do not hesitate to contact the university’s admission office on Mr. Victor Lang.

Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

Peter Keller

Admissions Office

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