Academic Recommendation Letter

Academic Recommendation Letter


The school authorities usually write an academic recommendation letter on behalf of a student who intends to go for higher studies. An academic recommendation letter emphasizes more on the academic performance of the student to warrant a place in a preferred program in a higher learning institute. It is usually written to the person or authority in charge of admissions in the institute. This type of letter is a formal letter. So, make sure that you are being polite and that your tone is formal.

This type of letter lays emphasis majorly on academics of the person for whom the letter is being written. This is so because it is an academic recommendation letter. It is supposed to make the receiver aware of the academic achievements of the student. Make sure that you attach the marks sheets of the students which will serve as a proof of the information that you are telling.

Academic Recommendation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Academic Recommendation Letter.


Raymond L. Altamirano,


Cheyenne High School,

2957, Thorn Street,
Cheyenne, North Carolina 82001

May 29, 2010



New York University,

2269 Lake Forest Drive
New York, 10013

Subject: Academic Recommendation for Ms. Amy Matthews

Dear Sir/Madam,

This recommendation letter is written for Ms. Amy Matthews who was an exemplary student of Cheyenne High School.  Ms. Matthews, who graduated at last fall, is currently working as a volunteer in the community service program in Cheyenne.

She has applied to your distinguished university for placement in the Social Sciences program commencing this fall. Ms. Matthews has excellent communication skills and a big heart for the needy. She is caring, hard working and a devoted student. She has never been an offender of law at school or outside it.

Attached with the letter is a copy of her excellent academic transcripts for your consideration of her application to her preferred program. You will notice that she has topped every exam she has appeared for in high school. She has also a stellar record of participating and doing well in extracurricular activities. I believe that Ms. Matthews will excel in her chosen program and career and will be a constant source of pride for anyone who knows her.

I believe that joining your college will give her the exposure and practical knowledge that she needs to survive in this world. I thank you for giving Ms. Matthews your due consideration on her studies application. I hope the answer will be favorable to her.

Thanking You.

Respectfully Yours,

Raymond L. Altamirano,


Cheyenne High School.


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