Academic Appeal Letter

Academic appeal letterIntroduction:

An academic appeal letter is usually written by a student with regards to his/her academic performance. The letter is written to appeal against the given marks or grade which may be deemed unfair or inappropriate for the work rendered or it could be a request for an alternative action due to strong reasons for the academic authority to reverse the grades. The appeal letter is addressed to the concerned head of the department.

As it is a formal letter, keep the tone of the letter formal and write concisely. Don’t make the letter emotional and ensure it is to the point. The language used should be clear and easy to understand. Make sure the letter is free of any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. State only the genuine reasons in your letter of appeal, and it should be able to convince the recipient about your problem.

Academic Appeal Letter – Sample


Wanda E. Romero

74 Hickory Ridge Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89119



Professor J. Erickson

Department of Agriculture

Mississippi University

647 Elkview Drive
Stuart, FL 34994

Dear Sir,

RE: Academic Appeal

With this letter, I, Wanda E Romero, am writing to appeal against the ‘E’ grade I received for my project paper entitled ‘Culturing a New Species’ dated DD/MM/YYYY, in our university.

I would like to state in this letter that I had encountered a few hindrances on my way to complete the project which led to my project getting delayed and hence my submission on the required deadline of DD/MM/YYYY. Firstly, the Agricultural Ministry did not get back to me soon enough regarding my request to research on their products through interviews.

Secondly, my culture sample did not grow as per the given timeframe which I had no control over. Hence, I was unable to draw many conclusions on the samples in my project. Thus I had to submit my project after the deadline and that too without drawing a conclusion. I am extremely sorry for it, but unfortunately, it was not in my hands.

I would like to appeal for a resubmission and remark of my project as my samples showed results over the last week and thus now I can make some scientific conclusions present my project in a better way.  I assure that if given a second chance, I will surely be able to submit a project with scientific evidence and conclusions.

I thank you for your kind understanding, time and patience and hope that I will hear from you favorably at the soonest.

Yours sincerely

Wanda E. Romero

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