60 Second Sales Letter

The whole purpose of a sales letter is to be able to sell your product or services to a potential customer in as convincing a matter as possible. A 60 seconds Sales Letter – popularly known as an elevator pitch hopes to convey as much information about the product or service possible.

This is a detailed letter and often includes a lot of graphics of the product the company is trying to sell as visual representation has a more lasting impact on the memory. Specifically, mention that pictures or graphs are attached to the letter.

It is advised to convey the required details in pointers as they are precise, concise and short. Pointers help facilitate understanding of the product.

End the letter in a simple manner, conclude by telling the client how he or she will benefit from using this particular service or product. If possible offer some discount options as well.

60 Second Sales Letter – Sample

The sample letter for 60 second sales letter is given below:

Office 980

Sohna Road


12th June 2017

Electronics & Co



Subject: Sales Letter

Respected Sir,

Electronic & Co is proud to announce the launch of its latest product- The MyPhone. In 2016 Electronics & Co publically announced that it will be entering the market of smartphones and hopes to release its first model by 2017. The company has stayed true to its words and is now ready to revolutionize the world of telecommunications with its latest product.

The MyPhone is one of a kind smartphone and boasts of having the best camera in the world. The operating software- Miri works on the principle of voice control. Setting an alarm? Arranging a meeting? Just say the word and Miri will carry out your demands. It’s dual camera, one located at the front and the other at the back is each 12 Megapixel and has a Chemo Lens attached to it, making the camera as good as a Canon DSLR 8292.

It has a ram of 4 GB,  most of the world smartphones have to offer as of now. The special voice clarity chip installed helps in better telephonic communication, never allowing a call to drop ever again. Furthermore, no phone offers space less than 60 GB with the phones inbuilt applications taking up to only 3 GB!

Electronic & Co is reaching out to your company to be the official distributing partner. We hope to launch this phone across 15 showrooms of yours in each of the five metropolitan cities. The official market price of this phone is INR 45,000. However special deals can be exclusively negotiated with your company. We would like to arrange a meeting with you in the first week of July to discuss the same.

Thank you

JP Abdullah


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