25th Anniversary Invitation Letter


A 25th anniversary is a special occasion. It marks the completion of 25 glorious years since the day you first started the occasion you are celebrating. This could be the celebration of any occasion- be it 25 years of starting a company, completing 25 years at a job, the mark of 25 years since the inaugural of a school or project such as that of a school or a college. But the most important and extraordinary kind is when you celebrate 25 years of your relationship with someone. The letter here talks about a couple celebrating 25 years of togetherness.

The acknowledgment of twenty-five years is known as a ‘silver jubilee’ while the completion of fifty years is known as ‘golden jubilee.’ The Invitation Letter below is about three children inviting their parent’s friends and family to a surprise silver jubilee party which they are throwing for their parents. Refer to the sample given below:

25th Anniversary Invitation – Sample


Mrs. Chandra

7363, Kuzart Lane




The Mishras

House 16

Kuzart Lane


Subject: 25th Anniversary Celebration Letter

Dearest Mrs. Chandra!

We hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. We’d like to start this letter by sharing a little something-

Raghav and Aina first met in school. Shy of each other, they kept their feelings to themselves. But fate had different plans; they again met at their first job at the Tower. And since then there has been no looking back. From two they started a family extending it to a big happy family of five. Their love is a true inspiration and gives us strength every single day.

Mumma and Papa will be celebrating their 25th anniversary on the DD/MM/YYYY. Kim, Kaz, and Aura would like to invite you to celebrate this glorious moment with our family. You have had a huge role in shaping not only their relationship but us as well. We have currently organized a four day trip to Goa for them. On their last day, Kaz will drive them straight from the airport to The palladium to surprise them with an anniversary party.

We kindly request you to be there by 7 pm. We can not wait to celebrate this moment with our near and dear ones. Please confirm your presence by replying to this letter. Nothing more than your presence would make our parents happier.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Much love,

The Mishras


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