First Anniversary Love Letter

First Anniversary Love Letter is a letter written by a man or woman to his/ her love about their first anniversary of being together. It is an informal letter.

One can remind the receiver about how you first met, how your love proceeded all the trials and fights you had which only made your love stronger. Tell them about what you love about them. You can give them a gift along with the letter. You can write a romantic poem for them in the letter or you can quote any poet.

You can tell them how much they and their love means to you. You can tell if you have any surprise for them. You can tell if you have something planned for the future for both of them. It would be good reminisce the bygone year and it will create a nostalgia feeling. Do not, in any case, ridicule them.

First Anniversary Love Letter Sample

The following is a sample of First Anniversary Love Letter.


Damon Salvatore,

23/8, Salvatore Boarding House,

Mystic Falls, Virginia.

4th May 2017


Elena Gilbert,

22/1, Baker Street,

Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Subject: Happy First Anniversary

My Dear Elena,

Words fail me when I begin to describe what you mean to me. I clearly remember when I saw you standing on the road waiting for your parents to pick you up. From then I fell in love with you bit by bit every day and without even realizing. Now I think about it I think I knew that the second I laid my eyes on but just couldn’t come to terms with it.

From the last year, we are together having the year of our lives and looking forward to much more to come by your side. I will never desert you, honey. I will give my bachelor ways to be your husband someday and the father of your kids.

I love how you are the light in my life and I need a little light because, without it, my life would be in awful darkness. I love how you know me better than I know myself. You are just as crazy as I am. We complete each other. You consume me. You have gotten under my skin and no matter what I do I can’t shake you.

I love you darling irrevocably, irretrievably and irrationally. Here is a toast to our first anniversary. I know we will have many of these together that we can’t even count them. Partly because I’ll be old.

Love you always and forever.

Your Love,

Damon Salvatore.

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